Network of Expertise

  • 4C Digital Health: Offers a platform which includes a comprehensive and fully integrated array of analytics, data management, and collaboration tools that empower self-insured employers to reduce costs and improve outcomes of their health claims data

  • Quizzify: Promotes health and healthcare education through its Wellness Program. The essence of the business is to educate employees to become wiser consumers of healthcare and spend less money.  

  • Collegiate Health Solutions: Specializes in university/college student health insurance.

  • Specialty Care Management Focuses on mitigating catastrophic dialysis-related claims. 

  • U. S. Preventive Medicine, Inc.: Offers a Corporate Program in preventive medicine. 

  • Paydhealth, LLC: Services are focused on providing funding solutions to the self-funded market for health and welfare benefits and reducing Specialty Healthcare Costs. 

TAS Partnership With PCA

In order to serve clients most efficiently with rigorous procurement practices, Tinsley Administrative Solutions (TAS) is a proud member of the Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA). This partnership provides innovative best-value contracts, employs the highest ethical standards in public procurement, and delivers real-time cost savings for shared clients.

Utilizing a cooperative contract reduces the administrative burden of purchasing and expedites the procurement process. Cooperative purchasing can also assist organizations in achieving more competitive pricing by leveraging their collective purchasing power. 

Consequently, employers can achieve operational and financial control over this significant cost item, while simultaneously enhancing and measuring existing vendor performance and identifying areas of untapped cost-saving opportunities. 

This steadfast loyalty to our clients ensure our independent perspective and guarantees that you are always our top priority. Additionally, our affiliation with PCA allows you to procure our services discreetly without publicly disclosing our sources and methods.