Tier 6

Health Insurance:- Provide services for Individual Health, and/or Public and Private entities; Also, provide Medicare for disabled and retirees and their families..

Tier 4

Task Specific Solutions. TAS is willing to perform any pension plan administration need that you may have, on a task specific basis. We feel sure that we can accomplish these

Tier 1

TAS comprehensive administration solutions, bundled with the TAS Internet Portal. This is as full service coupled with enrollment in the TAS Internet Portal. Please review further in this document a

Tier 7

Rollovers:- Provide services for Lump Sum Rollovers, IRA Rollovers, Guarenteed Withdrawal of Lifetime Benefits, and services for annuities to help grow your money, retain your growth, and never lose to

Tier 5

Life Insurance :- Provide services for life insurance, and final expense plans for individuals and/or Public and Private entities. TAS works hand and hand with carriers to provide the neccesary

Tier 2

We offer our amazing TAS Internet Portal to those that desire the pension plan administration software, but have minimal need for pension plan administration. We can have your plan coded

Tier 3

We offer In house Licensing of the Internet Portal to those that desire to host the license in house and TAS would provide comprehensive database and web support to plan